Investment products with above-averge returns

Investment apartments

Investing in an apartment brings several advantages. First of all, it is an above-average return, which is higher than in the case of an investment of the same amount in a property in the Czech Republic. The annual return on an investment in an apartment in the Czech Republic is only in the range of 1-2%. In the case of our investment apartment, it is 6%. In addition, the investor becomes the owner of the property in the United Arab Emirates and becomes eligible for a residence visa. The apartment is then managed by the hotel operator, so there are no operational concerns.

Are you interested more? Make an appointment with us and we will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the entire project and the possibilities it offers.

  • Fixed interest rate: 6 % p.a.
  • Minimum investment: USD 105 000 (30 % of the purchase price)
  • Yield payment: Annual
  • Investor status: Owner registered in the real estate register
  • Personal apartment use:
    Up to 2 weeks every year
  • Emirates Residency: Eligible

Investment benefits

0% tax on
guaranteed 6% income
from apartments

An investment in dollars is
not subject to inflation
of the Czech crown

and carefree


Contact us
and we will adjust the investment for you

For example, we offer hire purchase and bond to apartment conversion.

The optimal minimum for the purchase of an installment apartment:
30% of the price of the apartment

Optimal minimum in case of conversion:
30% of the apartment price

What is converted:
Bond principal only

Possibility of partial conversion:
Part of the bond is converted into a suite, the investor keeps part of the bond and continues to draw interest


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