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Investment Property in Al Marjan

Investment in Overseas Real Estate
With a Czech Company

PRESTON Capital is building the Sun Beach Hotel Resort hotel complex on Al Marjan Island in the most tourist-attractive emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. It offers investors a unique opportunity: investment in convertible bonds with an annual yield of 8-9% and investment in apartments with a fixed yield of 6% p.a. of the purchase price.


with a return of 6-9%

in apartments

The contractually guaranteed return on investment in the apartment is 6% of the purchase price. After paying the amount and completing the project, the investor becomes the owner of the apartment and can use it for his own use for 2 weeks a year. This is associated with the right to obtain residency in the United Arab Emirates.


Secured Convertible

PRESTON Capital underwrites bonds through its subsidiary, in a maximum volume of 500 million crowns. The bonds have a guaranteed interest rate of 9.2% p.a.


How do we use the funds received?

The construction of the Sun Beach Hotel Resort is being realized from our own resources, funds from bonds and partially also from pre-sales of hotel units. If necessary, the company also has a bank loan available.


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About the
Sun Beach Hotel Resort project


The Sun Beach Hotel Resort hotel complex will be built on Al Marjan Island in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. This is a prestigious location where many well-known chain hotels, such as Rixos or Hilton, are currently located.

Moreover, the first ever casino in the Emirates will be built on the island, adding to the area's tourist appeal. Plans for the construction of the casino were announced by an American developer together with RAK Hospitality Holding.

PRESTON Capital is implementing its own project at Al Marjan. A subsidiary of PRESTON Development, FZE bought land on the island worth $8.45 million. Currently, all land on the coast is sold out and in the meantime the price of the purchased land has risen by 30 %.

Construction is scheduled to start in the 2nd quarter of 2023. After completion, the resort will be operated by an established hotel chain.

Only at PRESTON Capital

PRESTON Capital has exclusive representation for the distribution of financial products related to project financing. It is also the exclusive seller of hotel apartments to end clients in Central Europe.

We pay for the investors' trip to Dubai

The company offers investors an all-expense paid trip to Dubai, where they will be introduced to the project documentation, the architect, and the hotel chain. It is possible to visit the land during construction.


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